Auto Repari Techinician diagnosing car issue

Auto Technicians need latest skills to succeed in industry

In the past few years, the auto industry has seen major changes in designs and special features, and keeping these cars maintained and on the road takes highly skilled technicians.

Today’s Technicians are not the Technicians of ten years ago. The training for auto technicians today is incredible. The industry is moving extremely fast with technology, and so is the ongoing and advanced training that our Technicians are engaged in. Ten years ago, Bluetooth technology was just being introduced and is now in most new cars.

Navigation equipment, voice activation, hybrids and electric cars are all new technologies, so our technicians are being continually trained. Diesel vehicles also have changed – they are cleaner and more efficient.

Advanced training is offered through Trade Organizations, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, and Colleges. Training methods include videos, web-based classes, and live training on site. Training has to be an ongoing investment in any up to date Auto Repair Facility.

You can feel confident that when you bring your vehicle to D&D Auto Services, your vehicle is in the hands of skilled auto technicians, who are consistently maintaining and upgrading their skills.

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Auto Technicians need latest skills to succeed in industry

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